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Danz went to Asheville to build a Minimoog Model D! [WATCH THE VIDEO HERE]

Synth History X Roland Lifestyle JX-3P collab (designed by Danz) out now. [TEE] [Hat]

Danz CM in Budapest October 14th at Akvárium Club. [TICKETS]

Vidiots X Synth History present: 'Iconic Scores' Suspiria [SOLD OUT] The Holy Mountain [SOLD OUT]


Berlin Tokyo Shopping Mall Elevator, a 19-track instrumental / experimental LP, is OUT NOW. [VINYL]. [CASSETTE].


Synth History: Episode 3 - "Oscillators". Written, produced, scored, edited and sound designed by Danz. [LISTEN]


Produced, written, recorded, edited, sound designed and scored by Danz. 

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