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Danz CM is a producer, composer, song-writer, graphic designer, and the founder of Channel 9 Records and Synth History. Since 2010 she has been making music, formerly under the moniker of Computer Magic and currently under Danz CM.  

Danz's motto is do-it-yourself. She is entirely self-taught in all of her artistic and business endeavors, from music production and song-writing to graphic design and running a record label. Born and raised in the Catskills in upstate New York, her mother a social worker, father a handyman and stepdad a mechanic, music and the arts had an unexplained magnetic appeal for Danz at an early age. As a teenager she would scavenge music forums online and collect vinyls from far away places via the internet, starting her own music blog at 15. She'd also teach herself how to use Photoshop and how to build a simple website. At 16 she taught herself how to DJ and at 18 she would become a DJ in New York City thanks to attention from her music blog.


Wishing to attend a specialized school for graphic art and photography  - the New York City College of Hunter was chosen as an affordable alternative to art school. She would simultaneously work restaurant jobs and in retail, persue a career as a DJ, maintain her blog and attend school, before eventually dropping out. At the age of 21 she took a break from city life and moved back in with her mother. By chance she would discover she was able to make music entirely by ear. She taught herself how to produce using Ableton, and so a career in music began.

To date Danz has released twelve EPs, three studio albums in the USA, seven albums in Japan and a compilation album of b-sides and rarities. Her music catalog spans over 100+ songs as Computer Magic and as Danz CM, the majority of them self-produced and written by her. Some of her musical influences include New Wave, Italo Disco, New Order, Giorgio Moroder, Broadcast, Gary Numan, Stereolab, Belle & Sebastian, Radiohead and Trent Reznor. If you were to ask one of Danz's friends what she listens to, they would probably say "everything".


Her visual aesthetics for music videos and art are heavily influenced by retro-futurism, inspired by sci-fi films like Barbarella, Logan's Run2001: A Space Odyssey and Ridley Scott's Alien. The aesthetic for her latest record, The Absurdity of Human Existence, was inspired by the 1970 Michelangelo Antonioni film Zabriskie Point - with album art by Shae Detar and music videos by director Matthew James Reilly. Danz derives inspiration from many things outside of music and film - like trips to the Hayden Planetarium, reading books by authors like Philip K Dick, playing video games like Control or Observer  (occasionally you can catch her on her Twitch channel), and recently by spending time in vast open spaces in the natural world.

In 2015 Danz founded Channel 9 Records. The label releases limited edition vinyls and cassettes of her work.

She has written and produced songs featured in commercials - like Lexus and Aria Casino, as well as on TV - HBO Max, Netflix, MTV, Showtime, IFC, the CW. She has also composed and produced custom music pieces for Panasonic, LenorBody Mainte and Kewpie in Japan.


In 2020 she started composing music for film, with the scores for The Map by Gary Hustwit and While Mortals Sleep, directed by Alex Fofonoff featured at the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

In 2019 she founded Synth History, a media brand focusing on synths, especially vintage ones. The brand includes a podcast - that Danz writes, sound designs and produces, curated playlists, and written interviews available online and in book form. She has interviewed artists like Pete Townshend, Suzanne Ciani, James Murphy, Rick Wakeman, Oneohtrix Point Never, Vince Clarke, Flying Lotus, A-Trak, Ela Minus and more. 

She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.